Read/write JMP file format in .NET

Hi all,

We need to be able to read/write JMP file format using .NET (C#; C++, managed or not, could also be a solution). The JMP file is being used by SAS for import/export of data sets, and is of mime type application/x-jmp-data.

Would greatly appreciate any help on the matter.
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LordOfPortsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not familiar with JMP however I assume the sequence of steps would be:

1) Purchase and install the JMP software (there is a free trial too)

2) If they indeed have a .NET or COM component it will most likely be registered during the installation of the software so assuming you have Visual Studio installed and a C# project open you would click on Project -> Add Reference where you will see a list of available .NET components on the first tab and a list of available COM components on the second tab, this is where you would select the JMP component and click OK. From there on, like in the white paper code, you would be able to reference the JMP object and call its member methods, pass and manipulate data and output it.

They also have a contact request service at where you could try to obtain additional information however installing the free trial which will probably come with technical documentation and examples would be a step worth trying.
There is an article at that might be helpful. It sounds like a proprietary format however looking at the article with features C# examples it seems the software has a COM component or .NET component that can be used to write in the format.
_Stilgar_Author Commented:
I've seen that PDF already, and this is exactly what I'm asking about. How can this format be read/written, and if using a COM component then how.
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