MS Office 2007 - Can't open via clicking files.


I have had this issue for a while with a user who is unable to open MS Office files via double-clicking on them. It is sometimes also the case with Corel Draw but not sure if it is related.

The Office version is 2007. The files can be either 2007 or 2003 format and could be either local or on the network - it still doesn't open.

What happens is that the window which is displaying the file hangs (although other windows respond) and after about 3 minutes Word/Excel pops up with no document open.

If I open Word/Excel first and then open the document via file->open then it is fine.

An very rare occasions Office behaves normally.

I have tried the explorer file associations methods (going to advanced and doing stuff with the %1 and /dde). I have also disabled all COM add-ins and have tried the MS Article .

The Office is SP1 and is up to date via WSUS (have confirmed that it is updating).

It is not permissions cause the same thing happens when logged in via Domain Admin.

Help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Sounds like a problem with DDE
In windows explorer, goto Tools, Folder Options, File Types.
Find the file types your after.
Click on Advanced.
Edit the Open action.
Untick Use DDE
Where it has "Application used to perform action:" you will need to delete "/dde" if it is there and replace it with "%1" <-- include the quotes (ie, double quote, percent, one, double quote).
Rubén CallizoSystem AministratorCommented:
Have you tried the Office Diagnostics tool? I remember a similar problem some time ago, it was openning the file but not showing it, just displaying it when in full screen mode.

Method 1: Run Office Diagnostics from a 2007 Office program
Start the Office Diagnostics tool. To do this, use either of the following methods:
For a menu-based 2007 Office program, click Office Diagnostics on the Help menu.
For a ribbon-based 2007 Office program, follow these steps:
Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Program Options.

Note In this option, Program represents the name of the program.
In the Navigation Pane, click Resources.
Click Diagnose.
Click Continue.
Click Start Diagnostics.

If the Office Diagnostics tool identifies a problem, it tries to fix the problem.
When the Office Diagnostics tool finishes, click Close.
schoemansAuthor Commented:
Thanks reticle - I tried your solution before but realised that I did not make changes with Admin account so the changes were not saved.

I changed them with the Admin account this time. I'm giving it a few days to see if the problem comes back.
schoemansAuthor Commented:
Yep, the DDE changes seemed to stick this time and after a week has been working so far so thanks for the help.
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