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How do I remove old email addresses from the email "to" box on my iPhone?


I've previously sent emails from my iPhone to a particular address. I didn't add the address to my contact list, as I didn't intend to send them many emails, and always just replied to theirs.

Now, whenever I compose a new email on my iPhone, when I start typing somebody else's name in the "to" box, this old email address keeps coming up on the list of names to pick from, even though they are NOT in my contacts list.

It seems that the iPhone keeps a list of email addresses previously emailed to or from.

How can I clear this list out, without having to do a full reset or restore on my iPhone?
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This isnt as easy as it probably should be...!
Basically you can only do it if you iphone has been jailbroken and you have SSH installed on the phone..
If so then:
1) Through SSH, copy AddressBook.sqlitedb file to PC
/private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook [1.1.4 firmware]

2) With SQLite Database Browser, open AddressBook.sqlitedb

3) Switch to Browse Data tab and select ABRecent from Table dropdown list

4) Select the record to delete and press the Delete Record button at the top right

5) Continue deleting as much as you want and then Save

6) Transfer AddressBook.sqlitedb back to iPhone overwriting original
/private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook [1.1.4 firmware]

7) Reboot iPhone
Taken from http://www.modmyi.com/forums/general-iphone-chat/151371-guide-edit-clear-recent-email-addresses-mail-app.html
JimR123bAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately my iPhone is not jailbroken, so I need a solution that works on a standard iPhone (3G).
Sorry, There currently isnt a way...
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