installing toners for the colour printer


I have a color printer installed at work and its now running out of toner, I wanted to add new toners but then I only have
green and yellow color toners whereas the printer need red and black as well.

As someone urgently want to print something through this printer can I install yellow and green now and print?

We have already order it for the other 2 toners which will take some time to arrive meanwhile can we still use the printer
with the available toners?

Please can someone advise?

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Yes, you can! while waiting for the other toners to come.

Mikael JanssonCommented:
If one of the toner cartridges is compeltely empty then you will probably not be able to print, at least if the printout is needing that color thats missing. Of course this depends on the printer brand and model.
you can try to set in the driver that everything should be printed in black/white or Grayscale, then maybe you can "fool" the printer, otherwise I do believe that a "normal" printer will  define it as a severe error and stop until the cartridge is replaced.
You dont mention what the printer brand / model is so its hard to give a more exact answer.
/ Mikael
newbie27Author Commented:
hello folks,

thanks for your input

i was using kyocera printer and it was showing that Y toner is empty and apparently i had this toner available, I have installed it and its now working OK.

thanks for your help

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