Possible upgrade from 100mb to 1gb - hardware compatible?

HI. We are considering upgrading some of our network from 100mb cables to 1GB. This is because we are going to be doing construction work on floorboards etc, and I thought it a good idea to upgrade at the same time...

However, the servers I am running are HP and IBM, about 4 years old, and the user machines are Dell machines of about the same age. Will I have to upgrade the network cards in these machines or are the cables going to plug and play on these existing cards?

I would appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.
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pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming your "old" networking cards are ethernet over twisted pair copper - (standard ethernet cabling) - they will be fine - they should work fine over your new Copper Twisted Pair Ethernet cabling.  I assume you're putting in Category 6?  You'll need to replace all the intermediate cross connect systems as well - new jacks, patch panels, patch cables.

Eventually, you'll want to upgrade your NIC's to take advantage of your new network.
mharcaisAuthor Commented:
Most helpful, and speedy response appreciated.
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