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My old tape drive crashed and I replaced it with a rd1000 removable storage device, I'm running win 2003 server and backup exec 12. I've never used backup to disk folders in backup exec.
I stumbled thru creating a backup job but not sure about several choices. My new drive came with 2 300 gig storage modules.....I assume I need to create 2 backup to disk folders in backup exec???
I didn't see a choice for overwriting the backups only don't overwrite.....what do I do when a module gets full?????
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Jason WilcoxCommented:
Hey There,

The quick answer; RD1000 is removable media, just like a tape. No, I would not suggest it be setup as a Backup 2 Disk location. You control your media, which your RD1000 cartridges are, via the Media Sets in the Media tab of BE. Overwrite of older backup data on the RD1000 cartridges is controle first by the Media Set the media is assigned to in Media tab of BE, then by the overwrite settings of the job. This is how you manage the utilization of the cartridge and avoid filling it.

The questions you've asked are much more involved, Backup is a fairly complex application until you've spent some time with it. I think the very best thing for you to do would be to read up on it's use by reveiwing the documentation; it can be found by going to the HELP menu and selecting ADMINISTRATOR'S GUIDE.

Here's a run down on the basics... Many beginners get confused by the way differenct components can effect a backup job and/or media. You have Devices, Media, Selection Lists and Jobs. Each has specific configuration options that can interact with the others.

Devices, you need a device to work as a destination for you backups. Your RD1000 is removable media, not a backup 2 disk device. So it's treated more like a tape drive than a hard drive backup 2 disk location. So you do not need to create a backup 2 disk folder for it. You should see the RD1000 in your Devices.

Media, this is where you control your overwrite and append settings. When a cartridge is placed in the RD1000 BE will assign and identify it with a Media Label. The media will then be located in a Media Set. Media sets essentially have two basic user configurable properties; Overwrite period and Append period. If a backup job is destined for a given media set it will look for media that fits the criteria assigned to the job. If your job was set to "Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available" the job will search for appendable media. If none is found it will search for overwritable media. If none is found your job will fail. The confusion is in assuming that a job set to overwrite will overwrite any media available. This will only occur if your Media Set properties ALLOW a job to overwrite the media. You can find addition details on this in the Administrators Guide, it can be complex depending on how you want to setup your backups.

Selection Lists, another point of confusion. The selection lists are independent of a job, or multiple jobs could use one selection list. When you view a job, the selection list section on the left side is a view of the properties for a selection list. It's important to understand this, as changes made to a selection list through the edit of a job will effect any other job that uses that selection list.

Jobs, this component is the easiest to setup if you have a good understanding of how the other components work with it. The job backs up data in the assigned selection list based on a schedule assigned to the job. This is also where you setup more advanced options like Full, Differential and Incremental backups.

Once you read this, and review the Administrators Guide, please come back and post any more specific questions you may have.

Good Luck,
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