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We have Sanctuary installed on all our PCs to stop the use of USB storage devices, however last month the settings to allow USB hardrive devices was changed to allow.  Once the change was made however, we have never been able to access any drives from the USB Ports. I need to reenable USB harddrives on our system.
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stehardy88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How did you add the rule to allow in? I'm assuming it was added on the Removable Storage Devices class.

What permissions were set, and what type was enabled? If you are still having problems then you can right click on Defualt Settings, add "Everyone" with Read & Write access at High Priority which will overwrite any other settings that you have put in place.

If possible can you screenshot the permission you set and I can advise.


brown6Author Commented:
I also found that I needed to rename the PC's in AD for it to work.
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