Keyboard not working at Win Setup - Key Entry

I decided to do a XP Home Edition repair install after worsening system instability. I have had to physically restart repair install repeatedly because it was freezing when installing devices. The setup finally got past installing devices (does this mean it skipped installing the device that was causing problems?) to the point where I am supposed to enter the CD key and the keyboard does not work.

The mouse works but the keyboard does not. Both are USB devices. The keyboard works at startup when I use it to start the repair install, but quits working as soon as the install starts.

I have tested a PS2 keyboard, same problem.

This problem was occuring before I tried to repair the OS. The keyboard would not work at the welcome login screen of XP. But the mouse worked fine.

Any help please
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harps21kConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
101 Viruses caused loads of problems.
Re-imaged as the no util seem to remove the viruses
The problem may be a motherboard problem.

Get the UBCD

Download links are the icons at the top of the page above Overview.

Download and make the CD.  Boot from it and choose a memory tester.  Let it run for about three passes through the memory.

If the memory test passes then do a hard disk test using the appropriate hard disk util for your hard disk.  Do a thorough hard disk test.

If it passes that then these are two most common errors you might be experiencing.

But the problem may still be in the motherboard.
Those tests won't tell you anything if its a problem with your USB ports or the root hub controller but the memory tests are a good idea since you said you've been seeing system stability issues.  While the HDD may or may not have issues, it wouldn't manifest itself with keyboard issues or system stability.  I hate to tell people when it gets to hardware, if thats what it is, because without swapping parts, RAM, cpu and/or MB its hard to nail down which it would be.

Have you tried plugging the keyboard into different ports?  Try using it in the position that you know the mouse is working from.  Maybe you'll get lucky and its just a bad port or root hub.

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