how to create database link in oracle using static ip

how to create database link in oracle using static ip

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you can also put the entire tns entry in the link itself

create database link your_db_link
connect to your_user
identified by your_password
do you know the port and service/sid name?

if so, add a definition to your database SERVER's tnsnames.ora like this... =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = your_service_name)

then create a database link inside the database like...

create database link "your_db_link"
connect to your_user
identified by "your_password"
using 'your_db_name'
Anup, DB links and IPs have an intermediate layer in between: TNS
So your question ends up being two-part:
  • How do I build up a TNS address using a static IP?
  • How do I use it to create a DB link?
For the first question, you just use your static IP where you would put the host name.
For the second, you create a DB link referencing the TNS alias, or else specify the TNS connection string in place. Both things are done through the keyword USING (sdstuber's 1st and 2nd examples respectively).
Note that you can omit the CONNECT TO ... IDENTIFIED BY ... portion. In that case, remote connections will be attempted with the same credentials you used to connect to your local DB.
Again, it's NOT that DB links have static IPs... it's TNS connection strings that have them :-)
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