Error 800: Unable to establish the VPN connection - sometimes

Hi Experts,

We have a SBS2003 server, and a couple of home users. They work fine most of the times, but sometimes, yes, sometimes, they get this error:

Error 800: Unable to establish the VPN connection
The VPN server may be unreachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection.

How do I "solve" the problem?
  I solve it by rebooting the SBS 2003 server.

Therefore, we can skip all the "check your ISP, router, telnet, etc" stuff.

So what'w my question?
  My question is how can I accomplish the same thing by doing something else, and not having to reboot the server and bring the whole company (we're not that many though, you can guess) down for 10 minutes?
  Is there a service to restart?

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drotkopfConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Restarting the Routing and Remote Access service wouldn't help...

I then realized that the RPC service, when right-clicking on it, wouldn't give you to stop or restart (grayed out) so I stopped the corresponding svchost process using taslk manager. Well, I didn't get fired (yet) but the server went down actually.

I'm inclined to believe that the VPN access problem depend on the RPC "strange status" problem.

Obviously, after the server rebooted, users were able to VPN in.

Any ideas on the RPC service (really svchost.exe -k rpcss)?


PS. I may be after a wrong clue here, since I just saw that the RPC server doesn't have any options to stop/restart the service (always grayed out) - most likely because it would restart the server :-)
did you try the things on my page?
I didn't read the whole question though ....
So sometimes the VPN work, but after a while it doesn't work, and the only solution is to restart the server?

- Did you do all the server updates?
- how did you configure RRAS? manually?   or did you use the 'remote access wizard' on the management console and configured VPN thAt way?
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drotkopfAuthor Commented:
- All updates are done automatically every night.
- I used 'remote access wizard'
so what was the solution here?
drotkopfAuthor Commented:
No solution. When it happens I have to reboot the SBS 2003 server.
I just had to close this thread.
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