how to create a log file in

I want to create a log file, how can I do this
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bhmahlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

That is a way to write to a file, and without more info of what exactly you want well, that is about all I can give ya.
SGUDAPATAuthor Commented:
let me explain I have a window form in, User can add new customer using this form, but there is some type of check from the database while doing this, only if the requirements are met the user can add a customer, I already have a code to display error message box while doing this, I also want to create a log file with these messages, How do I do this?
If mylog.FileExists("C:\mylog.log") = False Then
       Set createlog = mylog.CreateTextFile("C:\mylog.log", False)
       Set createlog = mylog.OpenTextFile("C:\mylog.log", ForAppending, False, TristateUseDefault)
   End If
End Sub
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