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We are in the early stages of deploying SCCM 2007.  There is a lot to take in when learning about SCCM, and I wanted to get some suggestions on setting up primary and/or secondary sites.
*  Each campus has 45 users
*  Each campus has a domain controller (Windows server 2003) and a personal file server.  The primary campus hosts a Citrix server.
*  Two satelliate campuses connect to the primary campus via T-1 link.  The bandwidth involves email, two citrix applications, and normal AD replication.
*  Each site has one person responsible for I.T. support, and will often remote control the desktops on campus (via remote tools), and occasionally deploy packages (software updates to existing software mainly).

We want to conserve WAN bandwidth, and help make remote access/package deployment speedy.

Should we create primary SCCM sites for each campus for these goals?
What about making the primary campus a primary (central) site, and making the two remote campuses secondary sites?  Would these secondary sites be effective in isolating day to day SCCM tasks (package deployment/remote tools), or would they still communicate this over the WAN links?  

Thank you for your assistance.  If there are other factors I should consider, I would appreciate the help.
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jkarnes12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would create a primary site in your central location, and then either use your remote file servers as deployment servers, or add new servers and make those deployment servers.  Your clients will use get all packages from the deployment server on their AD site.  The only WAN traffic would be the initial copy of the packages from the central site to the deployment servers, and the advertisements of the packages.  

I agree with jkarnes12, create a single primary site and use the existing file servers as Distribution Points. With only 45 users at each campus you will have no problem with the network. As jkarnes12 said the only traffic down to the other campuses are when you update your application packages and your clients will also send back logfiles and hw/sw inventory to the site server but that is no problem with T1 lines.

If you want you can limit admin rights to the local IT guys in the console so they only have access the collections with computers in the campus where they work. That way they can only distribute apps to their machines.

Kind regards
Ulf M.
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