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Trying to find a way to collect data on a screen and when user clicks a add button, drop it into a table below it.  Then user could repeat the process over and over until finished.   Once user is finished, will click a submit button and then will send to a java servlet which will process all the new requests.

I know I could do a submit button then send to servlet and the wrap around back, but trying to cut down on the network traffic and also make the application more user friendly.  Using java and jsp's.




Then on same form,  a table below it which will show each time the user adds another user.  

Name                       Address                       State
John Smith               114 N. Ash                   MO
Fred Flintstone         2912 S. Willow            KS

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zkeownConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not tooooo hard.  For your Add button, first, get a reference to your table... the easiest way is to give it an ID.

var dataTable = document.getElementById("MyTable");

Then use the insertRow method to add a new row to the table.  You'll want to both display the values you're getting from the Name, Address, and State fields as well as putting the values into hidden fields on each row (so they'll actually submit).

The basic idea is:

var newRow = dataTable.insertRow(0);
var newColumn = newRow.insertCell(0);
newColumn.innerHTML = valueFromYourFields;
newColumn.innerHTML += "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"identifier\" value=\"" + valueFromYourFields + "\" />";
TheVeeeAuthor Commented:
Sorry, not following you.  I want this in a html table until I done getting all the additions for the user.  From reading this would be putting into a actual data store table like oracle if Im reading correctly???

so they enter values in basic text fields, click add button and then then those fields create another <TR><TD> ........ structure in the table with the data just entered.  Once their all done, they click submit button and then I have my servlet process table entries and then do the physical add to the database....

  <td>Frank Smith</td>
  <td>2110 S. Willow</td>
No no that's javascript... creates the table right there on the client.
TheVeeeAuthor Commented:
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