Microphone recorded audio is very scratchy

I have tried to record audio to my computer for little training videos and it always comes out scratchy.

I tried two headsets:
(1) theBoom "O" with computer adapter. This is a $140 wired headset with high-grade noise canceling. It sounds crystal clear on my cell phone, and like crap on my computer. For an example, see:


(2) Creative Labs HS-600 - Consumer-grade headset. No noise canceling. Sounds about the same.

I'm running WIndows XP with Realtek. Is this a sound card issue?
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You have a poor microphone eletronic set. It is capturing ambient noise and eletrostatic noise.

If you intend to record quite usually, consider buiying a mini-professional kit, as:
- Shure Microphone SM-58 $100 at amazon or similar as Shure C606WD $30
- Behringer Mixer XENYX 502 $50 at amazon
Apropriate cables:
- Mic cable
- 1/4" TSR to 1/8" mini-plug (all mono)

This is a cheap and good set.
Good luck.

The fidelity depends is only a good as the weakest link in the chain. Sounds like you have good headphones. The problem could be your microphone or a low bit-rate that might have been used for the recording.
The question is why does it sound good on your cell phone. Please explain where in the recording/playback chain your cell phone gets involved?
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
The "headset" is a microphone + headphone combination.

So, when I refer to my cell phone, what I mean is, when I use that headset (including microphone)  on my phone, it sounds great. When I use that same headset (including microphone) on my computer, it sounds like crap. Make sense?
Try another microphone. These parts (mikes and the mike input part of your soundcard) are not typically "HiFi" quality or even good quality stuff nowadays. It souldn't be too surprising if they don't work very well togheter. Great differences may be found just by exchanging the mike for any old computer mike. The problem can be in the jacks/plugs (dirt, corrosion) as well.

If your computer has a line input, consider getting a proper mike amp with a good mike and connect to line IN.
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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