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Outlook downloads duplicates of every email

This is Outlook 2007 connected to Exchange Server 2003 in cached exchange mode.

I got a call today from a customer. He went into Outlook and was alarmed to see that it was downloading 4500 new mail messages. It turned out however that for every message in his mailbox, Outlook was downloading 2 more duplicates. So for every original message, there are now 3 messages.

I deleted the profile and recreated it. And exactly the same happened. What is happening here?


edit: It's not exactly 2 duplicates. Some messages only have a single duplicate and some are not duplicated at all. I
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1 Solution

This could happen due to various reason:

* Check Outlook rules to see if anything is duplicating the incoming emails.
* If user has installed a new spyware or antivirus, then try to disable it and see if that helps.
* Compare the number of emails in users mailbox in Outlook to the number which gets displayed in ESM 2003. If the number of emails in ESM 2003 is 2 times less than what it is on Outlook then it surely indicates that the issue is from the Outlook client and not your Exchange Server.
* Try accessing users mailbox via OWA to confirm if everything it looks fine from there and if it does, you could then focus on Outlook client to troubleshoot the issue.
* You advise user to configure his mailbox in Outlook on another PC to check if it reports normal status and if it does then try the following option on users original PC:

1. Delete and Re-Create all existing mailboxes in Outlook Profile along with the Outlook Profile.
2. Re-Create users Windows Profile to see if that helps.
3. Disable antivirus or any spyware.

Hope this helps.

ipendleburyAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your reply. It turns that the user had added a pop account on the Exchange Server. It was this that was dowloading the duplicates.
Thanks for updating us on the root cause Ian. This would help someone else in the future.


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