Copy and Paste from IE7 to MS Word 2003 Crashes Word

We have beren rolling out new computer, and it seems the new computers are all experiencing this same problem.

We have certain users that do internet research. They then copy the internet pages and paste them into microsoft word then save the documents to our document management system. Now when we copy the page or just a selection within a page and paste it in MS word , Word Crashes.

I can paste to Wordpad, I can paste to outlook, I can even paste specia unformatted text to MS Word.

Problem is I need the formatted text so when people open the documents they can follow the links to the webpages

Any help is appreciated
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EkuskowskiAuthor Commented:
All great links, but I don't have a word document to try to recover or fix

What I'm doing is opening a blank word document, then going to Internet Explorer 7 and doing my research, then I'm copying text from IE7 and then going to my blank Word document and clicking paste.

Word then hangs and crashes. I have done this multiple times.

It seems that microsoft word is just not accepting the html code i am pasting.

Hopefully this makes my problem a little more clear.

I believe there is something wrong with MS Word. Did you reset the file as I suggested in first link?  There are several things to try that affects Word program.
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EkuskowskiAuthor Commented:
I'll give the "" a try

It is a fresh install of Office Pro 2003 with all the critical updates and service packs.

EkuskowskiAuthor Commented:
Looks like replacing fixed the issue
Ekuskowski, glad the problem is fixed.
so what resolved the problem, replacing the  I have the same issue.
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