USB Mass Storage Device shows less memmory that expected - Why?

Hello All,

I bought a kingston 16 GB usb disk drive. Its also referred to as thumb drive, data traveler, usb disk etc.

So it says 16GB on it, but when I try to look at the properties, it says 15GB. However numerically it shows more than 16GB.

Please see the attached image so you know what I am saying.

Why is it so? And how can I make the usable space 16GB?

I know some discs save some area for information storage and what not. But 1 whole GIG difference?

Thanks in advance.

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in simple words:
manufactures market capacity based on powers of ten, with 1KB equalling 1,000 bytes.
whereas all operating systems are based on 1KB equalling 1,024 bytes.

so 16 billion bytes in your case comes to 15 GB.
Manufacturers of hard discs and DVD-blank discs use the SI-Prefix compliant to indicate the capacity of their Items. This leads to the problem that a DVD discs which is indicated with 4,7 GB is identified by the operating system with the fomal different data of 4,38 GiB. The same happens to 500 GB hard discs which are idintified as 466 GiB.
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