How can I set security settings on multiply folders, tool needed...


We have to set security settings on quite a few folders un a Windows 2003 domain.

Let me explain what we need to do:

We have folder 1 to 1250.
Under each of these folder are also 7 diferent folders, folders A to G
So we have 1250 folders with in each folder A to G, so 1250 A folders, 1250 B folders etc etc.....
Now we have to set different security settings on the letter folders, for example all the A folders need to have read only access, all the B folders are full access.

I know I can set the seciurity manual on all those folder.... But that is a lot of work...

Is there a tool to help with this task ? Like setting the same security settings on all folders with the name A for example.

I hope my explination is clear enough... :)

Thanks in advance!

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tntmaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could script this with xacls.exe:

You would need to determine what permissions were needed, then iterate through each folder and set the A, B, C, etc. A script would be much faster than doing this by hand.
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