stop form1 flashing into existence

Can anyone tell me how to make form 1 not visible before the form1 load event?  I have visible set to false in there but it flashes as visible for a brief second before it reaches that code snippet?  Thanks
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Ahhh, you're looking for a splash screen.  This tutorial is perfect for you...
If you don't want the form to show than don't show form1...

Application.Run(new Form1());


//Application.Run(new Form1());

If you have stuff that you do in the Form1 load event or constructor I suggest you move it.  Also keep in mind that the App.Run() "keeps the app alive" so to speak, so you'll have a pretty short program if you don't put some more code in your Main() function.


TheMoogAuthor Commented:
Im showing a wlcome screen before form i, theres a slight flicker before the welcome screen draws I trying to open form1 as non visible behind the welcome screen so they fade in, it looks great but the one niggle is a few mliseconds of flicker as form1 creates I thought there may be a place I could set form1 to not visible before the form1 load event
TheMoogAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Its opened up another thought process on how to do it cheers
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