2007 edge server/DMZ brain cramp..please help..

First,  is an edge server REQUIRED, what is the disadvantage to not having one?  Is it basically a glorified ISA server?

2. What IP's should the edge server have for nic1 and nic2 based on the diagram?  Iit seems the edge server requires 2 nic cards?
3.  You would think I could just put it in a dmz port off the FW?..    
4.  Is Microsoft assuming I do not have a 2nd fw server as in the diagram and in that case the external IP would be a 21.x and internal NIC ip be a 1.x..thus bypassing the internal fw #2 in my diagram?   Here's my network:

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zelron22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Edge servers are not required.  It depends on how you want to handle your email.  You could just NAT to a hub transport server with an SMTP Receive and Send connector on it.
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