xenapp altaddr config not working

I have a new xenapp 5 problem. It is a new install and I can not get the published apps to work from the internet. For testing I have fully opened my firewall for the IP directed at the server. I am relying on my f5 and IPS for security and am NOT using (nor will I use) a Citrix Gateway.
Current Situation:
1. WI is configured with default DIRECT access. Users inside LAN can access WI via local IP. Users can access published apps.

What I've tried:
1. WI configured with Default ALTERNATE access. ALTADDR /SET 12.***.***.*** run successfully. All users can access WI. NO users can access published apps. 192 is local interface and 12.***.***.*** is WAN IP.

Thanks in advance for the assistance
Judson HallSystems AdminAsked:
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What ports do you have open?

You should also post this in the Citrix zone.
Judson HallSystems AdminAuthor Commented:
80, 443, 1494, 2598, and 3389
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