Users are kicked out of the windows domain after network interruption

All the users are out of the domain after losing networkconnection.
They still can work with exchange/outlook and internet, but they lose the windows username in the domain. After log off / login the problem is solved.
Thanks for your help
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It sounds like you are using roaming profiles or your cached credentials might be turned off.  If you navitage in your registy to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
on the right do you see 00?  If you do then cached credentials is disabled and that is why it doesn't save your logon information when the connection is dropped.  Also have you found what is causing the network to get those 2 second drops?
Hello Tdiscart,
  Are you saying that people keeping having network interuptions and have to log off/on to get back to normal?  
TDiscartAuthor Commented:
Hi danf0x,
I am running a windows sbs 2003 with 8 users/computers (xp) in the domain.
The users log in the domain with username and password.
Sometimes, the computer lose network connection (for 2 seconds), after the network interuption, the user has a network connection, can access the internet, connected in outlook / exchange but when the user wants to access a network directory (ea shared server map) there is a re-login necessary. The application on the clients computer (that talks with the sql server) crashes because the network connection failed. I also noticed that the username (when you click on the 'start' button in windows xp) is not the domain user anymore, but the local user.
I hope you have more information.
best regards
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Are you using mapped network drives on their computers? Maped network drives create a local copy that needs to sync. One they lose connectivity they should just right click the drive and select sync. That should resolve the issue. Commenly found when redirecting their My Documents to the server.
TDiscartAuthor Commented:
Hi Boer86,
The mapped connections are showing also the disconnected icon. After double clicking it, the users needs to retype username and password.
TDiscartAuthor Commented:
Hi Danf0x,
Is this the registry of the client?
I'll install today a network monitoring tool to analyse the connections
best regards,
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