Disk Drivers for Windows 2008 server

I have aHP Proliant ML310 G5 Server, Windows Server 2008 Standard 32 bit edition OS. The server was put into service 9 months ago. It is used as a terminal server in the ts mode for 11 users. It runs a small database and quickbooks.
One of the employees installed a filemaker pro solution demo  and told me when it did not operate to his satisfaction he rebooted the server. (I do not know if this is related).
The server will post just fine, it begins to load the os and stalls. It stalls going into safe mode as well.
I used the install cd to run the bootsect/nt60 c: /force /mbr commands to fix boot. It completes sucessfully
I ran the bootrec /rebuildcd command and ran sucessfully as well but reported it found 0 operating systems.
I downloaded the firmware update cd from hp and ran the update. It reported no updates are needed.
Booting from the install disk  I choose to repair the computer and click next, there is no OS that shows up in the dialog box. It is asking me to load the drivers for the hard disk to continue.
I can click on load drivers and browse the entire hard drive and related devices, but can not find a use-able driver.
This is a SATA drive and the only one in the server, and these folks say the always meant to backup but never set one up.

Also I took a new HD and ran the install and it worked fine, but with no backup I really need to get the drive working. I can access the original hd without a problem and data seems ok.

Anyway, Can someone steer me in the correct direction from here.

Also I have tried to load the known drivers, disk.inf and diskpart.inf but I get error:"The installation failed" with disk.inf and diskpart.inf " This file does not contain information about your hardware"
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mbm369Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok, if anyone here bothers to read my posts, I found the cause of the problem. The solution is not easy.
I found the real problem was caused when I downloaded the firmware update cd, burned as iso, and ran the update program. I downloaded the version for the correct hardware and operating system, but the firmware for the sata controller and hard drive are not compatible with Microsoft Server 2008.  I rebooted the system during the update but did not reboot after it finished.
A month later when the system was re-booted  it no longer started.  
In order to revert back, I had to partition and format.  I then did a clean install, then choose the apps and files to restore from a previous backup. There was some lost data but most was recovered.
Anyway, I did get help from the TechNet forums. At least someone there looks at and answers my posts.
mbm369Author Commented:
i have made an image of the drive and a backup of the drive as well. I then put the image on a new hard drive and the same issue appears,
Same when I did the backup .

Anyone have suggestions?  Am I missing something real simple?

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