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SQL 200 - Lost SysAdmin Access and SA Password

Quick rundown on my situation; SA password is unknown, I've no accounts with BuiltIn\Administrators access. As far as I can tell all groups/users have been removed SQL and BuiltIn\Admin. I do have local and Domain Admin access to the SQL server. The version is SQL 2000 SP3.

Currently the SQL Server Agent service can't be started either without persmissions. So I'm left with manually stopping the SQL services to get backups of my DB's.

Where do I go from here? I'm thinking I'll need to move the DB files to another instance/install but now sure how the details of that process would play out.
Jason Wilcox
Jason Wilcox
1 Solution
Been a while since I've been in a situation like this...

Think rebuilding the master database may be your only option; however this will reset everything...including users/passwords...

Lookup "rebuildm"

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You can try detaching the databases and reattaching to a new server, but you are still stuck recreating all the Logins.
Jason WilcoxAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks for the post.

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