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We are trying to set up a global tasks list.  The problem is the view doesn't replicate to everyone.  Is there any way to set a view and have everyone that is hooked up to the tasklist see that same view?
R PalmerAsked:
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Can you give us a better idea of what your set up and what you mean by it doesn't replicate to everyone?

Are you using Public Folders?  Do you have more than one server?  
R PalmerAuthor Commented:
We have a task list set up in the public folder, we added additional columns (notes, subject, priority, role, etc) but every time we add this tasklist to favorite folders on another computer- we have to add the columns again and customizations again.  i was wondering if there was any way to customize that so we didn't have to go to each computer and set up the view.  We have to add this public folder (plus all the coumns) into Outlook for about 10-15 computers so I am trying to see if there is a quicker way to do this.Hopefully that explains what we're trying to do a little better - let me know.
R PalmerAuthor Commented:
That's awesome - yes it works.  This will save me a lot of time.
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