trim numbers out of a string in excel vba

I have any number of different strings that contain any length of characters. i want to go through and shorten them to 12 digits long (that is the easy part) however if after being shortend any of the items contain numbers on the end of them like "HALLMAKR 12'
I need it to remove the numbers off of the string and the extra space at the end. and make it  "HALLMAKR".
This is ok though: "MAGIC KING"  (spaces are fine unless they are before numbers at the end)

Thanks for the help
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tchristie33Author Commented:
i also found this to be a little shorter

        If IsNumeric(Right(Item, 1)) = True Or Right(Item, 1) = " " Then
            Do: Item.Value Left(Item, Len(Item) - 1)
            Loop Until IsNumeric(Right(Item, 1)) = True And Right(Item, 1) = " "
        End If
Hi, you can use something like this.


strString = "HALLMAKR 12"
strNewString = ""
For intChr = 1 To Len(strString)
   strChr = Mid(strString, intChr, 1)
   If IsNumeric(strChr) = False Then strNewString = strNewString & strChr
strNewString = Trim(strNewString)
MsgBox strString & VbCrLf & "has become" & VbCrLf & strNewString

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tchristie33Author Commented:
is there a character in excel that represents any number? such as * or ? works for any character?
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what is the number are present in the middle of the string? Do you want to remove the numbers completely from the string without looking at their position?
Hi, your above code won't get rid of numbers from the middle of a string, but if that's fine, that will work too.


tchristie33Author Commented:
i only want it to remove them at the end
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