Bad Pool Header BSOD

I have been receiving complaints from a few of my teachers that they are getting BSOD's. I changed the recovery option to NOT restart so they can give me some information about the STOP message that they are getting. This teacher showed me that he was getting a bad pool header. I copied his minidump files to my thumb drive, but really have no clue how to read them or address the issue.
(Sorry I had to change the dmp extension to txt so that they would allow me to upload the file)

 Please help! Frustrated in pittsburgh
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blahphishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may or may not help but opening your dump file reveils that the process name which caused the fault is savservice.exe and processlibarary shows thats an anti-virus software by Sophos. You may wish to uninstall that software or examine it.
Can you post any relevant errors in the event log - troubleshooting from a dump file is difficult at best. Typically it can mean many types of things anywhere from bad ram to invalid device drivers.
rberrottAuthor Commented:
I have not had access to the end users laptop. When I get it what should I look for in the event log?
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