LTO4 + Backup Excec 12 = very low performance


Yesterday we recieved our new Quantum LTO4 SAS drive.
By now it's connected via 4 port Adaptec SAS controller.
We're running RAID 5 with 3 SATA 7200 drives connected via the  onboard SATA controller of the INTEL S50000V board.

Symantec Veritas Backup 12 is installed including all latest updates, DDIs and stuff.
The settinngs are:
block size 512K,upped buffer size 1024K, buffer count 30, and high water mark to 15.
SCSI read and write pass through are activated.
Hardware and software compression are disabled.

Now i only get like 400Mb/min tranfer rate, which is extremly low and which is even less than our previous DLT drive did.
Our 650GB backup has no chance to get completed at night.
Does anyone have some useful hints how to increase the performance?
Thanks a lot.

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bubu12345Author Commented:
Thx, iamthecreator, i gonna test another SAS controller and give here some feedback.
Iamthecreator OMCommented:
There are 5 controllers that have been tested with Quantum SAS devices,listed as below

List of Compatible SAS Controllers:

o         LSI 3800X

o         LSI 3801X

o         LSI 3801E

o         LSI 3442X-R

o         Dell 5/E

Check the throughput with  the default drive settings,without any modification to the high water count,block size or buffers.
Also refer to the following articles for the various factor affecting the backups.

For a standalone drive you can load the OEM drivers (Quantum) and check the throughput with NTBackup to compare it with BEWS

Improving and troubleshooting Backup Exec performance

Improving Backup Exec performance

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