How can I best deploy multiple "multi-functional" printer's (Home office type, Brother brand) to be used locally for multiple users

I'm wanting to know if we can avoid using print servers.  I have about 20 small sites where we would like to put a multifunctional device.  Multiple users will be using the device.  Likewise one user will be using printers from other sites as well.  We are wanting to use the same brand so we can just keep up with one driver.  
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blahphishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to avoid using a print server you can simply have each PC connect to the multifunctional device directly. There shouldnt be any problem with this. You could add the printer on each PC by using the printers IP address assuming it was a network printer (has a network port).
hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You mention printservers, and I assume you mean "printer network adapters" and USB connected MFPs. If you use those you will not be able to scan. MFPs will only scan to a USB connected PC. Even printing may not work unless the printserver specifically supports your printer.

A *much* better option is to use networked MFPs. I know they're more expensive. This is partly because they're almost certainly lasers rather than inkjets, which will also mean that over time you will save money as lasers are much more economical to run. With a networked MFP, each user can print direct to the device, or you can print via a server. They also let you scan to networked PCs, or to email. I strongly recommend this option as it will save you heaps of hassles.
LotsOfHatsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments, I believe I will network the printers then have the users add the printers locally using an IP address.  The next question I will post is regarding deploying the driver and writing a script to add multiple printers
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