Use Googlemap from my Delphi application ?

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I'm a member in a team that maintains a quite big inhouse Delphi application. Now we have started to look at mapsupport. And we feel that Googlemap seems to be the best value for the money compared to some map components. The current solution (that is really bad) works by starting Internet Explorer from ShellExecute, load some coordinates in the Googlemap URL. Then Google map display the best direction to drive through the coordinates.

It works, but it can be slow if the the amount of coordinates is higher than say 10. Besides that there seems to big memleaks in IE...

Another option is to use TWebBrowser component instead and load a Googlemap html-file to show the same thing. Yes I know Googlemaps license policy and we are prepared to pay Google the price when the solution is used in reality.

Right now I have registed a API-key for my own site just for test. I also found that it works to load a local html-file. From Javascript I can call GUnload to eliminate the memleaks according Googlemap documentation. As the API-key is bound to a domain or a local-file I guess I have to save a javascriptfile with coordinates and then load it in TWebBrowser for every call to the map. I found this clumsy, but I see no other way... ?

Is there other options to use Googlemaps? I don't know other html-components for Delphi than TWebBrowser due to bad performance and memorymanagement. I would like to use a Mozilla component but it seems to be only for C++.

Comments and advice about this ?
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