GAL not updating after manual rebuild and download in Outlook

We host our own Exchange 2007 server and we use Outlook 2007 on all our computers.  Recently the Global Address List has stopped updating on all machines.  I have tried many things to troubleshoot this issue.....

1.  Checked my update interval of the offline address book in Exchange (set to 3x daily)
2. Manually refreshed the GAL by right clicking the OAB in the Exchange Management Console and choosing update (it runs 15 events in the event log with no errors, including the last one that says it completes successfully)
3. The address book in OWA stays up to date... it works perfectly
4. Aftering updating on the server I tried downloading the address book in Outlook... no help
5. I deleted all OAB files on the users computer under D&S\<user>\local settings\app data\msft\outlook.  This actually fixed several computers but after about a day their address books reverted back to the old tricks
6.  User do not have "hide from address list" checked in EMC

I'm at a loss.  I know I could edit the registry to make them use a non-cached address book but this has worked in the past and it should be working now and I'd rather not make 45 clients attach to a live GAL... thats bound to hurt server performance.
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Mehmet MuhannaSenior System EngineerCommented:
Some time this happend when the mailbox database is not have the OAB linked with it
check the mailbox database and then tun these command
get-addresslist | update-addresslist
get-offlineaddressbook | get-offlineaddressbook
get-globaladdresslist | update-globaladdresslist
Upate-Filesdistributionservice -id:YOUR_EXCHANGE_SERVER
Please check my spell check. my english is not that good
after this
force a Full Offline address book download in the client side
this should fix the problem
Also after checking the recommadations provided by "Housammuhanna", check if Autodiscover is working correctly or not. The same can be verified by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and then right clicking on the Outlook icon which is on the System tray and then choose Test Email Auto Configuration and then ensure Only Test Autodiscover is selected and then run the test.
sduvall1Author Commented:
This seems to have fixed the problem.  If I could send you more points I'd do it than what I had assigned I'd do it!  Below is the exact list of the commands I ran in the Exchange Shell.  You had one of them as "get" twice...

get-addresslist | update-addresslist

get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook

get-globaladdresslist | update-globaladdresslist

Upate-Filesdistributionservice -id:YOUR_EXCHANGE_SERVER

I'm wondering if moving the database from one server harddrive to the other caused this?  I used the built in tools in the Management Console to do it but thats not to say it couldn't malfunction using the GUI...
Mehmet MuhannaSenior System EngineerCommented:
I dont think that this will have any effect
Thanks for the Point :-)
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