IE Expiration Issue on Https

I have a web application that is configured to use SSL (https).  One user is having problems with a page while others are not.  What is happening is when the user hits the back button, the previous page comes up expired.  This doesn't happen for all users.  

The user having problems repeated the same action using Mozilla and there was no problem.

This seems to indicate an IE browser issue.  The user with problems is using IE 6.0 SP3.

The web application is a JSP web app running on Tomcat 5.5x.  Any ideas?

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This might be about his IE caching settings (at the place where you can flush cache) - most users have "Automatic" page check, this one might have "Always check selected".
lcorAuthor Commented:
To fix the problem, I cleared the cache and I restored default settings to the browser.
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