Raid Controller Cards

I have a  Rack Server (Dell R805) and a sperate disk array (Dell Power Vault MD1000),

The server has two internal sas disks and an internal raid contrioller card.
The Disk array has a PERC6E 256MB CONTROLLER card.

What card/adaptor do I need on the server connect the two and configure raid? Do I need (something like) a PERC 6/E SAS RAID Adapter or just a SAS 5/E HBA PCI Express Card.



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evan2645Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the PERC6/e that comes with the array should be installed into the server.

generally, the servers will ship with an internal raid card (6/i) that will control the internal disks. those cards do not have any external connectors
you will need to install the percc 6/e and use it for the md1000.
at the end, you will have TWO raid controllers onboard, the internal for the internal disks and the add-in card for the md1000

I had a hard time following your question, so if that doesn't clear things up write back with some more detail about your configuration and what you are trying to do
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