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Appreciate some help with this one.  My customer has pc running Vista Home Premium.  When it boots, the login screen appears, he enters his password, the welcome screen appears, and then the screen goes blank - just a blank white screen.  Ctl-alt-del brings up task manager, and from there you can get to the run box and launch apps.  All his data is intact, but is inaccessible from the desktop.  Safe-mode gives a blank desktop (black) with "safe-mode" in four corners.

Solution:There was an XP Repair option available on the WinXP installation CD to reinstall XP over itself, which would in most cases not disturb your data or installed programs.  Vista has an option like this also, described here: what you're looking for? Ask an Expert.

The before problem was solved with link, which details a method using a windows vista disc. I have the exact same problem; however, my laptop came with vista already on it and don't have a disc. How can I get the download (the product code for vista is on the bottom of my computer).
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Using Task Manager as a launch, go to FILE/RUN and type EXPLORER.EXE. See if Explorer comes up. Also, unplug any USB and NETWORK cables that may be plugged in. If Explorer comes up but does not stay open, please state so here and I will tell you where to go from there. At that point it is likely it has been infected with a malware DLL and it will take some steps to remove it. Adware removal tools will unlikely help at this point, FYI. You'll need a copy of Sysinternals Process Explorer and some batch scripting skills. Both of these I can provide.
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Thanks for the help, it probably seemed basic to you but I never would have known that.
You're welcome and thanks for accepting!
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