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I have recently installed and activated Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows Vista. It was working fine for the first couple of days and now I don't have all the features I had before such as I can't save my word documents. When I try to run the activation wizard it does nothing. Microsoft recommended deleting the Opa12.dat file. This did not work.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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jeffiepooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Re-install it. Activation problems with Microsoft programs are not worth the time to troubleshoot. It takes a fixed amount of time to re-install it, and trust me, this will be the fastest way. Re-activate it after you install it the second time. (Also make sure that is the only microsoft office suite you have on your computer)

To remove, go to:   (select and click uninstall at the top)

Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel (XP classic view)

Programs and Features in the Control Panel (Vista classic view)

Hope this helps
brooksinc1Author Commented:
Thank you Jeff for your reply....

I re-installed it and I was able to activate it. Now its doing it again :(
I ran windows update and found that sp1 wasn't installed along with 26 other Microsoft recommended updates. I assume this could be part of the problem. I will re-install office 2007 and wait to see if it happens again. Until then does anybody know for sure if not having sp1 installed could have been the problem?? If this does not work would I have to re-install Vista???

brooksinc1Author Commented:
I re-installed office 2007 again and this time it will not let me activate it, I don't understand this. I tried a different product key and it still will not work. Could it be something in the registry??
Please, your assistance is greatly appreciated.
brooksinc1Author Commented:
Thank You
Oh boy, strange. Vista Service Pack 1 makes vista SO MUCH BETTER. It could be something in the registry, don't really know yet. I'll look into it if you can answer these questions:

1.) You've done all the updates after the second re-install attempt?

2.) When you say it won't let you activate it, what exactly do you mean? What steps do you go through, where does it go wrong?

It could already be activated - some registry key and such, make sure this isn't the case. Maybe you've tried activating it too many times, you might have to use the phone option (if there is one).

Also, make sure you have no other Microsoft office (2003, 2000) software installed. CCleaner is a great free program that will clean out unregistered registry keys, use this program for the registry and other files before you try again.
 It probably also won't hurt to enable "show hidden files" in folder options and search for MS office folders to delete before trying again.

Once again, only do these things if it isn't activated already.

Make sure you don't have spyware!  Super anti spyware is the best free spyware program.http://www.superantispyware.com/superantispyware.html

Hope this helps,
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