(Not a piracy question) Where can I obtain Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition?


With my visual studio 2003 enterprise architect (which I purchased in 2004), included was a copy of "Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition" part  no x09-45630 which I used for testing/devlopment.

However, the computer that my testing environment is on - bit the dust and somehow the original media disk has a crack in it (unuseable).  Where can I get another disk?
All that I can find is the service pack 2 version and my installation key (obviously) does not work with it.  

Any ideas where I can get a replacement media or iso?

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Right from Microsoft. They have a "Microsoft Supplemental Parts team".

Directions on how to do it are here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246
Hi.  Thanks for your input.

Called them and they told me the part number comes from MSDN and is not a retail product so they can't support it so I can't order it.

I was a Msdn subscriber back then but not now.  

Any other ideas?

Microsoft solved the issue for me.  Thank you for the initial idea
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