Sonicwall TZ 150: unable to get image to boot

I have a TZ 150 which I have lost the user name and password. I went to mysonicwall and downloaded the sig file sw_tz150_s_eng_3.1.5.0.sig Went to safemode and uploaded my new firmware. I then click on Uploaded Firmware to Factory Default settings.

I get the error.
Status: Warning! Invalid firmware boot option.

Any ideas??

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jpmonnConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was finally able to find the answer on Sonicwall's forums. It seems that early versions had a bug in the boot ROM that prevented the firmware from being changed through Safe Mode on more modern browsers, the only way to fix this is to request an RMA and have Sonicwall deal with it.
ccomleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would guess the upload didn't work properly - can you try it again?

Otherwise, you may have a hardware fault.

Arooga! Now you come to mention it I recall a browser-compatibility issue before - but it reported an upload fault, ISTR, not a boot fail.
Well, actually to get around this problem you need to have a machine with IE6 installed. For some reason connecting using Firefox, Safari, IE7, 8 or whatever creates this error.

I did a fresh install of Windows XP on a test machine and kept IE6 as the browser, worked perfectly. Kind of a pain, but this worked for me and I verified it as the fix through several other sources.

Note that you press the rest button until the unit's wrench light begins to flash. You then configure a workstation with Windows and IE6 with the address and a subnet of

Connect to the TZ-170 at - then select the option to boot with factory default settings. The default user is: admin and the default password is password.

Rather than do a fresh install to get IE 6, you can use the web browser emulator at    There is an IE 6 emulator that works perfectly to boot to the default settings!
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