Outlook 2003 Out Of Office Issue

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This is a strange one, I have a mailbox that has an out of office setup on it, I have one user that does not get a OOO reply from that mailbox. I have checked the rules on both mailboxes I also checked message tracking on Exchange to see if the reply went out to the user and nothing showing that a response was sent for that users however it does show receipt of the sender email. Anyone else who sends to it get the OOO message. I am running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003    
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Have that user close outlook and reopen using
Start>Run>outlook.exe /safe
Do they get the msg here?

If it works here, might be an add in causing the problem

If the problem is still there try:
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanprofile

Might also check this one user has the latest SP installed:
OOO messages can be setup to only send one Out of office response to each individual user.
Is it possible it has been setup this way?

Go to one of the other machines that has already received an OOO message from this user.
Send another or even a few separate emails to this Email Address and see if you get another or several OOO messages.
NicBurnsAuthor Commented:
Tried that every other mailbox gets a OOO reply no matter how many times you send to it.
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