Need to sychronize data between a redhat linux server file share and a DFS windows share.

I am looking for a way to sychronize shared folder data between a RedHat Linux server and a Windows 2003 DFS namespace. Does anyone know a way/procedure to do this?
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cjl7freelance for hireCommented:
Well, the usual suspects would be samba.

Maciej SsysadminCommented:
rsync is probably something for you.
You can use rsync without installing samba.

Or, you can use samba to mount your windows share into linux, and then use rsync to synchronize some directory in linux with this mounted samba share.
Linux flavors ( Red hat ) all communicate through TCP/IP. Windows do operate on TCP/IP but in order for LInux and Windows to communicate you need SMB protocol. Samba operates using SMB protocol. Install Samba on Linux and imagine that your computer is actually is Windows try to configure it properly from IP address, Subnet Mask and also Default Gateway. Once proper configuration has been done then it should communicate with Windows. Understanding with protocol works is very important for you to troubleshoot. Without proper understanding of the protocols you may bump in to more problems than solutions.

Keep updating your problem status. This will enable experts here to help you

overcld9Author Commented:
I am well aware of the differences between how Linux and Windows communicate over TCP. I was just looking for a more cookie cutter approach to a rather simple issue. I ended up using a program called unison which is open source and was able to modify it sufficiently to do exactly what I was wanting without installing Samba on the linux box. Thank you all for your comments.
It's good that you have solved the problem but keep in mind there is difference between time tested solution and freshly developed solution. Everybody recommends Samba because it is reliable and does not effect the integrity of the information that is sent through Samba. Keep an eye on the software that you are using. If any data is corrupted when it is sent through network please do consider the software which you are using as one of the suspect.

Thank you.
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