Problems with Usage Report on WSS 3.0


I have configured my WSS 3.0 site to do logging and reporting by enabling logging and I enabled usage anlysis processing. When I try to view the site usage report, I get the following message. What does it mean? How can I get a report?

Use this page to view a detailed usage report for this Web site. The report does not include data for sites under this Web site. To see detailed data for these sites, see their corresponding usage reports. For usage information on all sites in this site collection see the Web site collection usage summary.  
A usage report is not available for this site. Usage processing may be disabled on this server or the usage data for this site has not been processed yet.  
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Shailaja KumarCommented:
Can you please check if the Windows ShraePoint Timer Sevices is running, also try if you can find a solution from the following link,

gtrappAuthor Commented:
The Windows ShraePoint Timer Sevices is running.
Shailaja KumarCommented:
Did you check the link in the previous message, did you try the stsadm command?
gtrappAuthor Commented:
Yes, I checked everything and it works now.
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