How to Reset a Fortinet Fortigate 50A Firewall

Need to be able to Reset Fortigate 50A.  I don't know the password.  I do have a Seriel Cable.  I don't have a RJ-45 port for the Console  on the back of the Fortigate 50A.  I just have a Seriel Port on the back of the Firewall.    

Have done the following  

1. Use the serial cable to connect the FortiGate Console port to the management computer serial port.
2. Start a terminal emulation program (HyperTerminal) on the management computer. Use these settings:
Baud Rate (bps) 9600, Data bits 8, Parity None, Stop bits 1, and Flow Control None.
3. At the Login: prompt, type admin and press Enter twice (no password required).

and still did not work.  what eles can I do.  
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enoc1324Author Commented:
I have try this and it did not work.  I did it by the book.  Is there a what to down load the OS of the and reload it.  Or resetting some thing for the inside of the Box.  Please let me know.  Thank you.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
enoc1324Author Commented:
No this is not what I need.  I need to get the Firewall reset and I dont have the password.  Please let me know if there is and other way to reset it.  
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