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Need a Good Widerange Wireless Router for BIG house


have a client that has a 8 bedroom house, 2 floors.

what router you suggest to get, fast and wide range (cover both floors and outside backyard)

budget up to USD 300

but if you think it can be done with less, that is fine too.
any other cool features that comes with the router is fine also.

please provide me link to product. thanks.
1 Solution
http://www.amazon.com/Linksys-WRT54G-Wireless-G-Router/dp/B00007KDVI would be the router I'd recomend

http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=linksys+g+access+point&cid=11637259245834031999&sa=title#ps-sellers would be the access point

With that budget..... I'd set the router up on channel 11 & run patch cables to the access points in different parts of the house.
expresscamAuthor Commented:
but the linksys has only 54 Mbps. i think there are 100 Mbps out there ?
expresscamAuthor Commented:
wireless N is not better?
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N mode is better but even good router is not enough to get coverage for wireless signal, you should have better setup:
Cisco products have always given me the best combination of range and throughput. Might be able to find this product cheaper elsewhere and if you find you need 2 of them to give you the coverage you require then that puts you just above the $300 mark.
expresscamAuthor Commented:
huntleyj:, can you suggest me a cisco router?
Sorry I misread your original question. Cisco does make wireless routers as well but the price rises quite a bit. See here for a 802.11N based or here for a 802.11G based. Actually the G based is not that bad price wise.
On that note though you could go with the WRT54G that Wantabe2 suggested  if the first post as a starting point and then this  as a quick and dirty way to extend and fill in any dead spots
Opps.. I linked to CDW Canada site by mistake... since I'm in Canada I guess :)

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