Beginner configuring LUN / iSCSI on NetApp FAS2020

I need to allocate a LUN for machine backups and have iSCSI mount it as a physical disk, but I can find almost no documentation that is near my knowledge level.  (Very low.)  I've gotten as far as making a LUN without errors.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with this QTree, Volume stuff.  I already set up the NAS and am using the web GUI now.  I have also installed the Microsoft iSCSI initialtor program.  Are there any tutorials out there that cover this?  I get as far as being able to add the NAS to the target list, but I can't add a bind for the LUN which is what I think I need to do next.  But I'm not sure about that either.
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Rubén CallizoConnect With a Mentor System AministratorCommented:
You have to create a initiator group on the filer and map the lun to the group, take a look at this
YunthorAuthor Commented:
I figured out why it "wasn't working."  I forgot to go to disk manager (kept going to My Computer looking for the disk.)  However...that documentation was better than my figure out as I go approach, and included information I needed anyway, so thanks.  
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