How do I remote control ubuntu from Windows XP


I've got Ubuntu installed as a virtual machine on a windows 2003 server using VMWare desktop in a network in bridged mode, so it takes on a local IP directly from the DHCP on the router.

I access another Windows XP virtual machine using mstsc.exe from my main windows xp computer and it works easily just connecting to it by it's name and then I can remotely control the desktop of that virtual machine.

I want to do the same with the Ubuntu 8.1 virtual machine but don't yet have any experience with Ubuntu. What do I have to do within Ubuntu to enable this and what do I have to use on my Windows machine to be able to connect to Ubuntu? Can I use mstsc?

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A little lengthy but worth it. IT works good....
My second recomendation would be VNC server in your linux computer and remote control in windows xp...
good luck
VNC server and viewer should work, but I don't think that you are able to see a high resolution graphics when connected.

What are you using ubuntu for?
you can use SSH (*but it will open only a terminal session)
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why you will need GUI remotly .... it is an advantage that you can do whatever you like using only ssh on UBUNTU

anyway VNC is the best as houssam said ... but most of *nix guys prefer SSH ... if you want to learn about if try and keep trying do your stuff using SSH
anuragcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments so far. I need GUI because I'm using it to test websites on different platforms. I need to be able to control different web browsers within Ubuntu and see how websites are being rendered.

Can you provide a specific solution? If the VNC server works is it free and where do I get it and is it a straightforward install?
Here's Ubuntu's own guide on using VNC:
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