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Firewall millitary grade - The top choice

Which Brand and Model would be the top choice for millitary grade network/firewall
The earlier answer to my question was not detailed enough.
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Military grade firewall is unplugged LAN. :-)

Cisco has proven reliability on this subject, you may check out here:

Choosing specific model depends on your requirements.
<<Military grade firewall is unplugged LAN. :-)>>
That comment is entirely false and should not be allowed to stand on this forum.
I have no way of knowing how much personal experience you have in the military IT branches, but my opinion would be none.

See this question for more information:
>><<Military grade firewall is unplugged LAN. :-)>>
>>That comment is entirely false and should not be allowed to stand on this forum.

I am not going to discuss it here. I still think that military networks should not be accessible from the outer world in anycase.

Pretty good firewalls are hardware ones, check out what fits your needs: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/prod_models_comparison.html 
The military being so crammed full of jargon, here are two that tell a lot of the story "Nipper" and "Sipper"

Google ACERT-CNO to get a lot of links about what the U.S. Military is doing.

No one could hope to duplicate the billions that are spent on Network Security by the U.S. Government and our allies, but there are several of us here on EE with extensive military background on the IT infrastructure/Security side of things.

The 'Sidewinder' I mentioned in the other post is one of the basic pieces of the puzzle, as is Cisco PIX and a couple of other commercially available equipment. IDS is also a critical part.

If you are interested in more information, that can be arranged - but not in this post.

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