how to save a web page as text in vb6

Ok I have a page open using mie.Document.All etc. in a browser instance in my VB6 software, after sending some data to the page, it loads some results via JS, which don't appear in the innerHTML otherwise I would get the data I need from that.

The only way I can get the data doing manually would be to either select all copy and paste or save the page as .txt ... and then read the text

My challenge is to do that programatically, can anyone point me in the right direction.
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nlsoftAuthor Commented:
I resolved the problem ... the source code for the page is changed via the MIE.DOCUMENT reference ... so that was the solution (well I didnt need to code something) ...

I converted the mie.document.documentelement.innerhtml to a string, and saved it, and was able to find the data in the file, now I can get the data by looking for the relevant tags in the innerhtml.

Thanks for trying to help me.
Hitesh ManglaniCommented:
nlsoftAuthor Commented:
No not working as a solution for me.

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