Windows Vist Explorer crash


When I open control panel in windows Vista I get the error message :
Windows Explorer has stopped working:

and then it force to close the window of control panel

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      APPCRASH
  Application Name:      explorer.exe
  Application Version:      6.0.6001.18164
  Application Timestamp:      4907e242
  Fault Module Name:      StackHash_3c68
  Fault Module Version:      6.0.6001.18000
  Fault Module Timestamp:      4791a7a6
  Exception Code:      c0000374
  Exception Offset:      000b015d
  OS Version:      6.0.6001.
  Locale ID:      1025
  Additional Information 1:      3c68
  Additional Information 2:      a42ab2f3b34fd350339c2d12a8c8fce8
  Additional Information 3:      5905
  Additional Information 4:      5a54aae850cb13f401256044f4b67f51

Can anybody help me to fix this issue. i have Norton Internet Security installed.

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Michael_MCDSTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I totally agree with burrcm - remove Nortons and do a repair from the installation media. You may have seen out there the " Repair Installation" method as we know from XP enviro. DO NOT DO IT!!!! It is in no way bullet proof and will most likely be a waste of your time. DO the repair that burrcm recommeded. If it does not work than a reinstalaltion is the best solution for serious unrepairable system issues in Vista. Anything else may work but is just to time consumming with no garaunties. See this link for a step by step with thumbnails of the repair method for Vista;
burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<<i have Norton Internet Security installed>> Remove it. Does the problem still exist? Boot to your Vista installation DVD and take the repair my system option.

Chris B
zaki100Author Commented:
Thank you for your help. Does Repare My system  open affect any of my installed software

No, but always best to backup important data in case the unexpected happens.

Chris B
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