Monitor a mailbox for non-delivery of an email in Exchange 2007

I hope someone can help.
We have a stuation where some of our customers generate reports and sends us an auto generated email on the successful completion of the report generation. As this happens at 3 times during the day 6am, 12pm, 4pm we need to monitor a mailbox for NO email delivery during certain time periods. 6am - 6.20am, 12pm - 12.20pm & 4pm - 4.20pm.  So if we don't receive an email during these times an alert email is generated and sent to a distribution group.  
we are currently running Exchange 2007 on Win2008 server.
Just to make things interesting this mailbox may receive 3 emails out of 4.  We therefore need to be able to determine what email is missing and send an alert to that fact.

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PulseAdminAuthor Commented:
We ended up monitoring it with a Linux Script.  We opened up IMAP and connected to it via one of our Linux server,  we then scanned the headers / senders from that we could determine if the email had arrived.
The only thorough way to do this would be to write an event sync for your Exchange server.  This will be a pretty interesting piece of code, but should be reasonably easy to write.  Generally, you'll need to get your developer to create four flags (one for each email that should arrive), the flags will be cleared  at the three times each day, as the emails arrive, the flags will be set,  at the :20 part of the hour, the sync will check unset flags and if any are unset - send an email to the DG.

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