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I'm using a Cannon SmartBase MP360S Printer/Scanner with a computer running Windows Vista and the last days it has the following problem:

When I press the ON/OFF button to start the printer, the printer LCD screen displays the message "PLEASE WAIT" while the alarm lamb (small led exactly below the LCD screen) flashes. This continues for about a minute (much longer than when the printer starts normally). After that the LCD screen shows (in turns), the normal output of the screen when the printer is turned on, the message "CHECK PRINTER. PRESS OK KEY" and the message "##334". And the printer stays in this state forever.

Also, when I turn on the printer, windows is starting to install the drivers for the device, even if the printer is already installed (and it was used successfully in the past on the same computer) and a new copy of the printer driver/icon is placed in Control Panel -> Printers while the old copy of the printer appears to be offline.

When I'm trying to print something, the printer does nothing and windows reports that the printer is busy. (at the state where the LCD screen shows"CHECK PRINTER PRESS OK KEY" and "##334" consecutively).

Also, before I noticed this problem, I removed the black ink cartridge to replace it (one day ago). Now when I lift the cover of the printer (when is turned on), the plastic receptacle where the ink cartridges are placed, doesn't move (like normally). It just stays hidden in the right corner of the machine, so I cannot put the new cartridge in the printer.

I'll appreciate any help. Thanks.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
seems a bad printer to me
try if you can enter service mode :
Reset Waste Ink counter:

By pressing Menu, Copy, Scan, Copy, Copy
2) Select TEST MODE.
3) Select [8] PRINTER TEST in TEST MODE.
4) Select 3. [EEPROM CLEAR].
5) Select 0. [INK COUNT].
6) Press the [Set] key.
7) Press the [Stop/Reset] key (returning to the state of 3)), and then press the [ON/OFF] key.

HarrrisAuthor Commented:
I did reset waste ink counter, but the problem is still the same.....

b.t.w. to enter service mode it's "Additional Functions" Key, Scan, Copy, Scan.

Is there a way to manually move the receptacle of the ink cartridges, so I can add/replace a cartridge even if the printer is not responding ?

you would have to contact Canon for that, i have no more info
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