SQL Reporting Services vs Microsoft Access

Is SQL Reporting Services a good replacement for Microsoft Access reports?

I write a lot of AdHoc reports and I always use Access, all my databases are in SQL and I link to them through ODBC, while I like to write all my code in pass-through SQL queries I sometime use the Query builder in access to help me with the more complicated queries and for the really complicated ones I post a question here.

I am reasonably fluent with C# not an expert but not a beginner either.

I have stuck with access cause I know it and the reports are all for me, I do not share them with anyone else (unless they are PDFd/printed) so I have avoided the SQL Reporting Services learning curve, but I am thinking about going down it but only if the report functionality is as good as access.

I have never tried to generate reports in C#, I have a lot of code in c# to manipulate databases etc, but whenever I do a report I put it in Access...


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Its been a long while since I have used Access to create reports but I have been using reporting services for the past 6 months (started off as a beginner) and its really good compared to Access reports and easy to use. You can also add custom functions writen in vb.net or C#.

see these links for some reviews

You can also migrate Access reports to reporting services.. see this link:

Also, this site gives some guidances on best practice in reporting services but gives a few screenshots of the reports possible in reporting services

Hope all this helps

Hi rowansmith,

Have a look at the following to get some idea.

Good Luck!

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